5 Pet Safety Tips for Winter Weather

5 Pet Safety Tips for Winter Weather

Winter is here. With low temperatures, snow and everything else the weather might throw your way, it’s important to be prepared and take precautions with your pets to keep them safe!

Here are a few tips to help keep pets safe this winter:

1. Wipe Them Down – Even though most pets have warm, furry coats, they are still vulnerable to frostbite, arthritis and hypothermia in freezing temperatures. Limit their time outside and never leave them unsupervised. After short walks or romps in the snow, make sure to thoroughly dry your pet’s body and paws.

2. Mind the SalteLiving blog winter2023 01 – Chemicals that are commonly used on roadways and sidewalks such as rock salt and antifreeze can be dangerous to your pet if ingested. These chemicals can also burn footpads so it’s a good idea to wipe off all paws and underbellies after walks to protect them from potential damage or poisoning. If you use ice melt on your property, make sure to purchase products labeled “pet safe” that don’t contain harsh chemicals.

3. Check Your Engines – Neighborhood cats and other small animals utilize the warmth of car engines and wheel wells. Before starting your car and driving off, bang your hood or make loud sounds to startle any animals that might be hiding where you can’t see them. Engine belts, hot engines and exhaust can be deadly to animals just trying to stay warm.

eLiving blog winter2023 024. Keep Them Leashed – Pets can get lost more easily in the winter season when snow can cover scents and identifying markers they might use to know their location. Make sure pets are always wearing identifying tags and their microchip information is up to date. Never walk a dog off leash in the snow!

5. Keep Them Inside – The best way to keep pets safe from danger this winter is by keeping them inside. Always supervise potty breaks and keep outside time to a minimum when dangerous temperatures are in effect. Snow can be fun and winter wonderlands may make for pretty walks, but knowing pets’ limits and sticking to snuggling inside your home when it gets too cold can keep them safe.

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