5 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

5 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

As colder weather approaches, now is a great time to prepare your skin care routine for the transition. From preventing dehydration to keeping a healthy glow, here are a few tips from Roberta Chavez Esthetics to keep your skin healthy as you step into winter:


1. Find a body oil you love. Your skin feels the impact of the colder temps and windier conditions. Find a body lotion or oil you love and get into the habit of slathering it on post-shower.

2. Pull out the humidifier. Using a humidifier to keep the air warm and moist can keep your skin happy during the cooler months. Cold air can dry out skin, which may lead to a weaker moisture barrier. 

3. Use a thicker moisturizer. Keep your moisture barrier strong by shelving your oil-free lotion in exchange for one with a heavier formula.

4. Reduce physical and chemical exfoliation. With lower temps comes a break from the constant sweating. Because of this, you may want to cut back on your exfoliating products.

5. Increase hydrating ingredients. Think ceramides and hyaluronic acids. Time to get some hydrating serums ready!

Ready to get your skin winter ready? Book a skin consultation to find the best treatment that fits the needs of your skin at robertachavezesthetics.com.

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Roberta Chavez has worked in the beauty industry for 10 years. She recently became a Licensed Esthetician and is starting her solo career with you in mind. She specializes in corrective skin treatments for all skin types and enjoys helping bridal parties feel amazing on the big day. She graduated with certifications in waxing, advanced modalities and more. Chavez received a certification in master makeup artistry and is working on how to treat multicultural skin. These certifications are important to her because it gives her confidence when servicing you. Whether you want to work on hyperpigmentation or you are saying “I do,” Chavez is ready to help.