5 Easy and Edible Wedding Favor Ideas

(Family Features) With all the expenses and things to plan, many brides overlook party favors for their guests. But these small tokens of appreciation allow the bride and groom to put their own unique touch on their big soiree, while also leaving a lasting impression with guests.

Here are a couple of easy favors to add a little sparkle to your special day:

Homemade Granola - The gift of homemade granola is a perfect way to thank guests for attending your big day. Start with mason jars and fill with delicious granola straight from your kitchen. Granola mixes can be savory or sweet. Be sure to craft a cute label with your initials or wedding date as an added touch. Complete the look by tying a raffia bow or ribbon around each jar.

Regional Goodies - Chances are you have some guests from out-of-town. Capture the essence of your hometown or wedding venue location with a regional treat. For example, a wedding in Kansas City could send guests home with barbeque sauce, or a peach jelly for a wedding in Atlanta.

Fresh Fruit - For weddings in the warmer months, nothing is better than a juicy, healthy gift for guests to take home. Decorate paper bags by stamping your initials or wedding on the outside. Then fill with your favorite regional fresh fruit - grapes and cherries make an adorable touch.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans - Do you and your spouse-to-be have a favorite local coffee house? Pick your favorite whole bean roast and cover with melted chocolate bark. This sweet, yet rich treat can be stored in any favorite decorative bag or even a Chinese food take-out box.

Cookie Nibbles - For the bride who loves to bake, put your skills to the test and create delicious take-home cookies for your guests. Purchase paper CD sleeves with plastic windows to wrap up the cookie. Then add a finishing touch with personalized labels in your wedding colors.

Creating memorable gifts and party favors for a wedding doesn't have to break the bank. Add your own unique touch for a lasting memory your guests will cherish long after the party has ended.