5 Tricks for a Chore-Free Weekend

(Family Features) When thinking about errands, check-lists and even downtime, every busy person wishes there were more hours in the day. When tight on time, chores have a way of piling up and spilling into free time. With the right routine, however, day-to-day tasks can be tackled throughout the week, paving the way to a chore-free weekend, which means more time for the fun stuff.

“I am a firm believer that the weekend is meant for relaxation,” said Becky Rapinchuk, cleaning expert from Clean Mama and author of “The Organically Clean Home.” “My secret to a chore-free weekend? Address items on your to-do list day by day, rather than tackling the entire house at once.”

Along with the right tools, Rapinchuk recommends carving out 30 minutes each weekday for an easy five-day cleaning routine made up of the following simple tips and tricks:

  • Monday: Tackle the most hated space to clean – the bathroom – on Monday so you’re not dreading the chore all week long. To start, grab a dish wand and load it up with your favorite tile cleaner to scrub the shower grout. Once you’re done, clear the countertop, wipe down the sink, and give the toilet a deep cleaning. Spritz a light scent on towels or the shower curtain to leave the space smelling fresh on your way out.
  • Tuesday: Dishes not coming out clean from the dishwasher? Run the water in your kitchen sink until it’s hot and then start the dishwasher. This will pump hot water throughout the washer’s cycle, as opposed to starting off cold and then turning warm. The hot water not only does a better job of cleaning your dishes, but it is also critical in killing any germs living on glassware and flatware.
  • Wednesday: Multi-purpose tools are key when looking to save time. The Scotch-Brite Scrubbing Dish Cloth, for example, features everything you love about your dish cloth – absorbency and versatility – plus scrubbing dots on one side that power through stuck-on messes on cookware, glassware and counters without scratching. When you’re done, the cloth rinses clean and dries quickly, ready for any kitchen mishaps during your weekend festivities. 
  • Thursday: Ease into the weekend by dusting surfaces in your home, including televisions, shelving, dressers and nightstands. A little known trick for surfaces such as rugs or lampshades that dust likes to cling to? Use a lint roller with strong adhesive.
  • Friday: Round out the week with a focus on floors by sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the most used rooms. If you find a new stain on the carpet, blot it up with club soda and a heavy-duty scrub sponge. If it remains, add a drop of dish soap and blot it back into the stain, but don’t rub.  Rinse with cool water and continue to blot as the sponge absorbs the solution while not pilling or ruining the fabric. After a few minutes, the carpet should be dry and the stain should be gone.

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Photo courtesy of Getty Images (Woman loading the dishwasher)