How to Tell if a Watermelon is Ready to Pick

Watching a watermelon grow for several weeks takes a lot of patience, so it's tempting to pick it too quickly. What signs should you look for when deciding if your watermelon is ready to be eaten? Here are three things to check:

  • Watermelons are 90 percent water. So, look for a melon that's extremely heavy for its size. In fact, you should always look for the heaviest of the bunch when trying to determine which fruit to pick.
  • Once you've picked out the heaviest melon, gently flip it over without breaking the tendril attaching to the plant. Look for a flat surface and creamy yellow spot where the melon has been sitting on the ground. If its bottom is still greenish in color, give it more time to grow.
  • Finally, the tendril should stay green while the watermelon is still growing. Once it turns brown, it's ready for harvest.