Dog Grooming Advice to Keep Pets Clean and Healthy

( Regular grooming can keep your dog looking and smelling his or her best, but it’s also important for maintaining health. If you choose to groom at home rather than opting for (often expensive) professional care, it’s also an opportunity to examine your pet for potential concerns.

7 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to Break from the Norm

( If you’re feeling pressure to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date, it may be time to veer away from tradition. While flowers, chocolates and dinner for two is a classic, thinking outside the box can make for just as romantic of an experience.

How to Host a Winning Big Game Party

( Even if your team has already been eliminated, hosting a watch party for the big game can give even the rowdiest group of fans reason to celebrate. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or have the entire team together for one more chance at glory, these tips can help ensure your bash is a winner.

5 Timeless Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

( On a day that signifies the importance of love and companionship, many people find it rewarding to show their loved ones just how much they mean. If you’re in the gift-giving spirit this Valentine’s Day, you may find a bit of inspiration with these ideas.

Today’s 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

( If you’re looking to add a furry, four-legged friend to your family, perhaps your first (and most important) consideration will be choosing a breed. It’s paramount to seek a dog breed with attributes that best fit your home, lifestyle, activity levels and more before choosing or adopting a pup.

Snow Much Fun

( The cold chill of winter may be dreaded by some, but it’s also a perfect opportunity for outdoor fun with friends and family.