Take On Spring Road Trips

(Family Features) With the windows down and nothing but open road visible through the windshield, spring days often bring out the best driving conditions. When it’s time to hit the pavement, make sure your ride is in tip-top shape following a winter of snow, salt and sand.

Decorate Your Way to a Festive St. Patrick’s Day

(Family Features) Pairing Shepherd’s pie and potato soup with green pints and Irish delights are surefire signs of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Food and drink may be the stars of the show, but a little festive ambiance can transport guests from your dining room table to the streets of Dublin.

How to Prepare Your Body for Daylight Saving Time

(Family Features) Millions of Americans will soon get extra sunlight in the evenings when daylight saving time (DST) – observed by every state except Arizona and Hawaii – begins on the second Sunday in March and clocks are set ahead by one hour at 2 a.m.

Dog Grooming Advice to Keep Pets Clean and Healthy

(eLivingtoday.com) Regular grooming can keep your dog looking and smelling his or her best, but it’s also important for maintaining health. If you choose to groom at home rather than opting for (often expensive) professional care, it’s also an opportunity to examine your pet for potential concerns.

7 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas to Break from the Norm

(eLivingtoday.com) If you’re feeling pressure to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date, it may be time to veer away from tradition. While flowers, chocolates and dinner for two is a classic, thinking outside the box can make for just as romantic of an experience.

How to Host a Winning Big Game Party

(eLivingtoday.com) Even if your team has already been eliminated, hosting a watch party for the big game can give even the rowdiest group of fans reason to celebrate. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or have the entire team together for one more chance at glory, these tips can help ensure your bash is a winner.