Your Perfect State of Organization

(Family Features) Life gets busy and clutter has a way of sneaking up on everyone. It may be all those shoes, the lack of space or the fact that you have absolutely no time – there are many reasons for the mess. But, whether you’re a single person living in an apartment or have a large family in a sprawling house, everyone can benefit from more organization. By simply thinking about storage differently and coming up with a smart organizational system that works for you, you’ll be on the way to creating a well-balanced, happier home.

“For many, just the thought of starting the de-cluttering and organizing process is daunting,” said Lisa Engel, VP and General Manager Digital Commerce, ClosetMaid. “By breaking it down – room by room, or need by need, the process can actually become rejuvenating. You’re literally creating an easier life for yourself.”

Starting the process
If you’re just beginning, remember: baby steps. Focus on one small area or room – or even your junk drawer. Don’t get overwhelmed by the big picture as that’s when frustration mounts, causing you to walk away in disgust. Be sure to finish the project you’ve begun. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and be encouraged to tackle subsequent rooms and projects.

Already started
Stuck midway through an organizational project and need some inspiration to finish? Don’t be afraid to utilize online resources. ClosetMaid’s idea galleries, design tools and online store can help provide affordable and stylish solutions. Thinking of your project as a mini-makeover can help make it more exciting and less of a chore. Try taking pictures along the way, documenting your progress can really be rewarding.

Already organized
If your home is already organized, you know that keeping clutter at bay is a full-time job. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on areas that naturally accumulate clutter, such as entryways and child play areas. If you do have children, get them involved in the organization process by teaching them where items belong and how to store them. By labeling storage bins, baskets or drawers, your kids will always be able to help your home stay organized and clean.

“If you think like an organized person, soon you will be one,” said Lorie Marrero, certified professional organizer and author of the “Clutter Diet.” “It all starts with your state of mind.”

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