Creating a Pet-Friendly Palace

 (Family Features) As much as you love your pets and work hard to make them part of the family, they’re also a big responsibility. Part of that responsibility includes setting up your home so it’s equal parts stylish (for you) and functional (for Fido).

Show furry friends a little love, beyond the walks and snuggles, by making your home more pet friendly.

Set Up Their Space Near an Entry
It’s common for pet owners to desire a space to keep all their furry friends’ belongings and avoid clutter. Ensure convenience and cleanliness by establishing an area near the door where you can store leashes, collars, toys and more. Consider keeping a towel or two nearby for wiping paws (and snouts) after going outside. You can also keep your pets’ beds, food and water bowls in this space so it feels like their own little “home” when returning from a walk or going to sleep at night.

Consider Stain-Resistant Fabrics
From furniture to decor, avoiding fabrics that attract pet hair is a no-brainer for pet owners looking to escape a constant mess. Silk and velvet are virtual magnets for fur, while alternatives like leather offer more practical choices that are easy to clean and durable.

Install Resilient Flooring
Reduce your fear of zoomies causing damage to your floors by installing resilient flooring focused on reducing wear. Both durable and beautiful, a variety of Beautifully Responsible floors take on some of the burden of pet ownership with built-in durability for the everyday and the unexpected. With options designed to bridge the gap between style and function, numerous water-resistant and waterproof floors give you and your pets room to live your best lives for years to come without wet shakes triggering worries. Plus, many resilient floors don’t flinch when it comes to addressing muddy paws, often only requiring the mud to be easily wiped away, without harsh cleaning products.

Decorate with Pets in Mind
Displaying Grandma’s fine China and your favorite sports memorabilia may not go hand-in-hand with pet ownership – that autographed baseball may look more like a chew toy than a treasured artifact. Instead, prioritize decor that’s washable and sturdy so you can avoid coming home to a delicate family heirloom shattered on the floor.

Pet-Proof the Yard
If you plan on your pets being outside on their own, it’s a good idea to carefully inspect your outdoor spaces before letting them roam. Look for gaps in the fence, identify potentially harmful plants and ensure outdoor structures like grills and furniture are secure.

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How Pet Owners Can Benefit from Resilient Flooring

It’s likely you want your pets to live their best lives without sacrificing your own gorgeous spaces. With a variety of attractive options to fit your aesthetic, Beautifully Responsible resilient flooring provides durability against dirt, spills and sprints. Consider these benefits of floors that fit your style and give furry friends room for fun:

Deny Dirt and Dander
Once playtime outside is over, that mess can sometimes make its way inside. Designed to make cleanup easier, many resilient flooring options can make removing messes, odors and pet hair a cinch. From sheet solutions to modular configurations, resilient flooring can typically be cleaned without harsh chemicals – just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning instructions.

Zoom On
Many Beautifully Responsible resilient floors are durable enough to stand up to those zoomies. These options are ready for your dogs’ and cats’ fastest sprints, and make for quick clean up when they accidentally turn over a favorite flowerpot or their own water bowls.

Reduce Water Worries

Those vigorous tail wags near a fresh bowl of water lead to even good boys and girls causing a spill now and then. With many waterproof and water-resistant options for even the messiest of pets, you can be more confident in resilient floors standing up to spills so you can forgive puppy-dog eyes even faster.

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