DIY Ideas for Every Room

Simple steps to update and organize

(Family Features) From simple storage solutions that freshen up messy rooms to projects that enliven a space, do-it-yourself options are a popular choice among many homeowners. Try out some of these ideas to make every room in your home feel new again, without having to empty your pocketbook or call a handyman.

Organize Your Work, Living Spaces

12189bIn order for personal style to shine, it’s important that your home is organized and clutter free, especially in the rooms where you work, play and relax. Whether it’s the pile of paper in the office or a heap of stuffed animals in the living room — these are the rooms where so much family life takes place, so keeping it clean is essential. Luckily, there are various solutions you can add without the need of a professional, from small space savers to large statement pieces that improve the function and design of a room.

Living Room

When it comes to your living room, do you long for a space to stash toys, books and all the other random trinkets that pile up? Enjoy the benefits of versatile storage with ClosetMaid’s new Premium Cubes, available exclusively at The Home Depot. With a full back panel, these six- or nine-cube organizers are offered in two distinct looks. Choose the style that complements your décor, from traditional Mahogany to the contemporary styling of Weathered Teak.

Work Space

Improve your efficiency with the proper tools for the job. The Home Depot Premium Cubes are also a great addition for those who want to add sleek, upscale elements to a work space or office. These stylish storage options offer a professional look and feel and can keep any work environment properly organized.

Bedroom Closets

12189cWhile many homes are complete with bedroom closets to keep the clutter from view, it’s what’s inside those helpful storage areas that count. When looking for organizational solutions to keep your clothing and accessories tidy, look for those that offer flexibility, such as ClosetMaid’s ShelfTrack®. These wire shelving units are available in kits and open stock, which can be cut to size, with shelves available in a variety of depths and finishes, including options like White and Nickel.

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De-clutter the Kitchen

From spices to coffee filters to cooking oils, those kitchen cabinets have a way of filling up fast, and keeping these culinary tools in order can be a daunting task. Use these five tips to get your pantry and kitchen cabinets in order:

  1. Empty Each Shelf
    Go through each shelf to properly wipe out dust and crumbs, and to sort through outdated food. Before you put the items back on the shelves, clean the base thoroughly and line each one with a non-adhesive shelf liner, such as Duck® brand Smooth Top Easy Liner, which will create a protective, cushioned barrier on your surfaces.
  2. Survey Food Items
    12189dGo through food items and donate or dispose of those you won’t use. Seal boxes for donation with an easy-to-use packaging tape, such as Duck brand EZ Start packaging tape. Its Frustration Free special release technology makes it easy to start with every use and ensures you never lose the tape end.
  3. Group Similar Items
    Move common items together to help you keep track of your inventory. For further organization, sort based on expiration so you can use up food while it’s still fresh.
  4. Create User-Friendly Spaces
    Make your pantry more ergonomic and easier to access by placing commonly used items on eye-level shelves.
  5. Utilize Organization Tools
    Maximize the space in pantry and cabinets with turntables for spices and other storage solutions. Add a pop of personality to these areas with a lining product such as Duck brand Smooth Top Easy Liner, which is available in an assortment of trendy colors and patterns to complement any design.

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Finishing Touches

Here are a few other ways to enhance the rooms in your home with stylish and useful updates:

  • Dim the Lights: Install light dimmers throughout your home for an extra touch of ambiance and improved energy efficiency. The dimming function is especially perfect for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.
  • Add a Pop of Color: Perk up a neutral room by giving an old chair, mirror or side table a new paint job. Simply spray your decorative item with quality paint, such as Krylon Dual Superbond Paint + Primer, which sticks to virtually any material, bringing life to your favorite household items. For information, visit
  • Hang It Up: Add a row of hooks to your walls for extra function. Perfect for use in the bathroom or kitchen for hanging towels or pot holders. A hook installed in an entryway or mudroom is a great spot for keys, jackets and backpacks.

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