5 Questions to Ask During a Wedding Venue Tour

In the early stages of planning your big day, it’s easiest for many to start with the venue. Deciding on your venue will help solidify your date and set the vision for your wedding day. During your venue tour, consider asking these five questions to ensure you’re booking the perfect space for you!

What is your vendor policy?

Vendor policies can be crucial to whether you choose a specific venue. Some venues have open policies and others do not. There are pros and cons to each but if you have your mind set on using specific vendors, you may need to choose a different venue. Additionally, the venue’s required vendors may be outside your budget. It’s important to ask a lot of questions in this specific area.

Are there any fees added to the base rental fee?

This question can save you and your fiancé money in the long run. Some venues create all-inclusive packages while others provide more a la carte-style options. Either way, you’ll want to know about any fees attached to your big day beyond the rental fee itself.  

In case of rain, what is the backup plan?

You may not host an outdoor wedding or have any elements of your day outdoors, but if you do, this question is crucial. Your potential venue should provide in-depth details of what happens in case of rain or inclement weather. If you don’t feel comfortable with the execution of the plan or don’t love option B, you’re likely better off to search for a different venue.

Is there a space to get ready?

This can seem like a major afterthought when booking your wedding, but it’s important. Running around from houses and hotels to ceremony sites and reception spaces can be hectic. If the venue has a space for you and the wedding party to get ready, it can save you time, money and stress.

Do you require a wedding coordinator?

More and more venues are requiring wedding coordinators, including Cedar Valley Forest. This helps keep the day moving and takes a lot of stress off the bride, groom and family members. However, day-of coordinators can be expensive and out of your budget. If that’s the case, ask if the venue provides a staff member to use for the day. It tends to be less expensive and an easy option if coordinators are required.


These questions are just the beginning of many, but asking as many questions as possible up front can help avoid headaches or heartaches later on. For more wedding tips and advice, visit CedarValleyForest.com.

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