Snow Much Fun

Snow Much Fun

( The cold chill of winter may be dreaded by some, but it’s also a perfect opportunity for outdoor fun with friends and family.

When the snow starts coming down, grab the mittens, hats, scarves and coats for a flurry of outdoor play. Consider these activities for some outside fun in the white fluffy stuff:

  • Throw snow: An old-fashioned snowball fight can get everyone moving and enjoying the outdoors.
  • Hunt for tracks: Look for a snowy area that hasn’t been touched by humans – be it a wooded area, a local park or your own backyard – and search for tracks of deer, rabbits and other critters.
  • Flap your wings: See who can create the most snow angels on the lawn.
  • Catch some hills: Dust off that toboggan and find a nearby park with a big slope. Few winter activities bring more joy than sailing down a hill at full speed.
  • Build a snowy friend: Find fun things around the house – such as a bandana or an old hat – and have fun dressing up a snowman or snowwoman in the front yard. Don’t forget the carrot for a nose and buttons for the eyes.
  • Enjoy comforting foods: Wrap up your outdoor activities with a comforting meal everyone will devour in a heartbeat, such as a gooey grilled cheese sandwich alongside creamy tomato or chicken noodle soup.
  • Warm up from the inside out: Set up a hot cocoa bar on your kitchen counter, complete with essential toppings including marshmallows, chocolate syrup, butter mints and chocolate sprinkles.

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Photo courtesy of Unsplash