Questions to Ask Before Planning a Remodeling Project

Questions to Ask Before Planning a Remodeling Project

With cooler temperatures rolling in and the holidays right around the corner, many homeowners are spending more time indoors and thinking about the things they like and dislike most about their homes.

You may be considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel ahead of the new year. Before you get started, take some time to figure out these basics, with assistance from the experts at Made New Home Services to help avoid project headaches.

What’s Your Budget?

Whether you’re doing the project on your own or hiring a contractor, you need to create a realistic budget. What’s your bottom dollar? Things always come up during home projects. Whether material prices increased or the cabinets weren’t in as good of shape as you thought, problems may arise that require you add more money to your project than you initially planned for. When building your budget, create a project budget then a bottom dollar budget. This can help you stay on goal during the project but not give you a panic attack if problems within the budget arise. Pro tip: Don’t set your bottom dollar budget as your actual budget!

What Are Your Must-Haves?

This relates back to your budget, but before you start your project, you’ll want to think about what elements are must-haves and what can be adjusted. For example, soft close cabinets may not be negotiable while painted vs. stained cabinets is. Once you develop your list of must-haves you will be able to realistically complete the project’s budget.

What’s Your Timeline?

If you’re hoping to have the project done before it’s time to host Thanksgiving, you may want to adjust your timeline or hold off until after the holidays. Remember supplies and materials are taking a bit longer to come in and sometimes things come up that create delays in the project timeline. To make sure you’re happy during a home renovation, consider what will happen if your project exceeds the expected end date. This can help you decide a good time to begin.

 These tips can help set expectations and aid you in making decisions if any issues arise. No matter what project is coming up in your future, doing your research can help the process go more smoothly. From selecting a contractor to choosing materials, it’s always wise to call the experts when making big decisions for your home! Find more information to help plan your project at

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