Realistic Steps to Take A Hold of Your Health and Fitness

(Our TTT certified personal trainers: Jana Goolsby, Angie Thomson (owner), Tara Hale, Chrissy Bailey.)

So much of the fitness industry focuses on only physical results, but at Thomson Team Training, we believe that Spirit/Mind/Body all play a role in determining our overall health. TTT is so MUCH MORE THAN A WORKOUT.

We hope to EMPOWER you to believe that you are valued and loved by your Creator and that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

We hope to ENCOURAGE you to strive to do all that God has called to do in life.

We hope to EQUIP you to have the tools to succeed, along with the accountability to stay on track.


Here are 3 areas to begin with when you want to get serious on getting in shape and prioritizing your health and wellness:


  1. Goals: What are you striving to accomplish? Why are you wanting to reach those goals?

This may be different with each client, so establishing the “why” is vital to setting up the proper game plan. Goals may include tangible numbers, so establishing baseline measurements (circumference and body fat percentage to show lean muscle vs. fat mass), and monitoring progress can be motivating and helpful to clients and trainers. You may have non-scale goals that focus more on strength/endurance. Knowing your WHY is powerful!

  1. Meal plan (and lots of water): What do you need to be eating/drinking? When? How much?

The best way to start meal planning is to first identify what foods your body responds well to and what foods it does not. Take into consideration any allergies, intolerances, digestive issues, inflammatory foods, etc. It’s all about eating clean and whole-food-based nutrition foods that God intended our bodies to be fueled by. We like to make sure our clients’ meals and snacks are derived of foods that are wholesome and nutrient-dense. Also, we design plans that combine a good ratio of healthy carbohydrates, fats and proteins. If you hate fish and kale, then don’t put them in your plan; you won’t eat it! Also, prep-prep-prep! This is key to maintaining success. Prepare your meals and snacks for the week and have them ready to go in the fridge or freezer. It is easier to stay on track when it’s convenient to grab and go. This helps avoid the temptation of choosing foods that aren’t on your plan and also saves time in the long run, especially with a busy schedule. 

Disclaimer: Our meal plan guidance is general. A Dietician, Nutritionist, or medical professional should be consulted with any specific questions.

  1. Workout program design: What days do you have available to exercise? Which types of workouts should you do each day? What time of day is best to avoid conflicts, excuses and obstacles?

Our TTT trainers help take the guess- work out of what to do and when. We review your medical history, your specific goals and what you enjoy doing. Then we get to work on designing the best workout program for YOU! Our weekly TTT group workouts and At Home online workouts also help hold you accountable every week.

There are many different forms of exercise and it’s exciting to find ones you enjoy doing! We recommend moving 5-6 days a week. Taking 1-2 days off is important since rest, recovery and sleep are crucial in reaching fitness goals. Our weekly program is designed to give women 2-3 full body HIIT days (high-intensity interval training with strength and resistance), 2-3 cardio and core days (body weight only), 1 day of Yoga or Pilates (deep stretching) and 1 day of rest.

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TTT is about helping you see yourself as the person that God made you to be. We strive to empower, encourage, and equip you to feel confident in all areas of your life: Body/Mind/Spirit. Our training is held to the highest standard of professionalism, integrity, and education; coupled with a welcoming and supportive community that ensures accountability. We help you reach your fullest potential, not limited, or restricted in what you can do, succeeding at being your very best.