Avocado Industry Analysis

(Family Features) A favorite fruit across the country, avocados provide plenty of smiles for those who enjoy their fresh flavor as an ingredient in recipes or on their own as a better-for-you snack.

However, their taste isn’t the only benefit. According to the Avocado Institute, Mexican Hass Avocados contribute to national and state economies in major ways. In fact, the thriving industry results in $11.2 billion in U.S. economic output while creating 58,299 U.S. jobs.

Americans aren’t the only ones who stand to benefit; 78,000 direct and permanent jobs are created in Mexico along with 300,000 indirect and seasonal jobs, adding a touch of goodness to both nations.

To find out more about the avocado industry, visit avocadoinstitute.org.


Avocados From Mexico