Beat Wardrobe Blahs with a Closet Makeover

(Family Features) It’s that time of year when everything in your closet just seems drab. But instead of investing in a new wardrobe, try dressing up your closet. By getting organized and sprucing up a little, you’ll get a fresh perspective and maybe even find some lost treasures.

Start by evaluating your closet. You may have heard of the Pareto principal, commonly known as the 80-20 law, and chances are good that it applies to your wardrobe. If you’re like most people, you wear 20 percent of your things 80 percent of the time. This means a lot of clothes are just taking up space. Weeding out the unnecessary items is your first step in a closet makeover.

Once you’ve done the preliminary clean out, it’s time to reorganize. If you don’t have a closet system in place, you might want to consider a simple DIY product like ClosetMaid ShelfTrack. It’s a system that is completely adjustable and customizable, and a smart solution for someone seeking an affordable, easy-to-install closet product. The system also offers a variety of accessories, such as wire or laminate shelves, drawers and shoe racks, so it will serve as a good foundation for a functional closet.

Once you have the right organizing system in place, it’s time to get creative and design a look that makes your daily trek to the closet more exciting. These ideas will help boost your outlook on all those clothes that seem tired and worn.

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Shine the light. Bad lighting can be a hindrance in any closet. In a crowded one, clothes are hard enough to find, but if it is packed tight, it’s almost impossible. Proper lighting is essential. A trendy light fixture can be lots of fun, but make certain it will provide adequate lighting to illuminate everything. Be sure to eliminate shadows by using diffused lighting.

Add style to your storage. Colorful and patterned fabric bins can be your closet’s best friend. They provide a home to hide and consolidate more personal belongings and add pops of color and style to your shelves.

Hang clothes with care. Get rid of the wire and pamper your clothes with good hangers. Critical for maintaining order, they help keep your wardrobe in tip top shape by eliminating garment stretching. Slim velvet hangers, available in an array of colors, are optimal for saving space, but if you have the room, a heavier wooden version is better. Whichever you choose, remember that a uniform set makes for a streamlined look.

Whether it’s a full blown makeover or a modest face lift, you won’t be disappointed in how a newly organized closet makes you feel. The tricky part is to be vigilant about keeping it organized. Dedicating about 15 minutes a week to your closet should keep it in great shape for seasons to come.

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