Colorful New Shingles Inspire Home Makeovers

Color coordination starting at the roof can make your home a standout for years to come

(Family Features) - Everyone loves a makeover. We spend hours watching home decorating and remodeling shows on cable TV, hire fitness coaches to help us reshape our bodies and flock to fashion gurus to update our wardrobes and our hairstyles. The average homeowner is no exception. We'd all love to make our home the standout on the block, the envy of our neighborhood. And, now that we're staying in our homes longer, increasing curb appeal and upgrading our property makes financial sense, as well.

If you're in the market for a new roof or just want to give your home a fresh new look, think about starting your exterior home makeover from the top down. Although it's often the last thing we think of, from the curb, your roof may be about half of what's visible to passersby.

Until recently, conversations about roofing choices usually focus on performance, and roofs usually came in shades of gray or brown, uninspiring colors that were just ignored when choosing paint colors. But that's changed, with new roofing products like Owens Corning Duration Series Shingles Designer Colors Collection. These fashion forward shingles incorporate vibrant, multi-colored granules that can serve as the inspiration for your exterior color scheme and offer options for ongoing updates or future makeovers.

Designer Collection color palettes were inspired by nature: a basketful of berries warming in the summer sun, in the Summer Harvest blend, for example. Close up, the shingles come alive with color and contrast. Viewed from ground level, the colored granules can unify your home's architectural details, setting the stage for a perfectly color-coordinated exterior.

09625bRenowned color guru Leatrice Eiseman suggests that homeowners consider an exterior makeover that color coordinates shingles with paint and trim color. Eiseman, who's the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, knows what she's talking about.

In addition to consulting internationally, especially on the emotional aspect of color, Eiseman predicts color trends for industries ranging from fashion to furniture, zeroing in on the hot shades for each season. The author of seven books about the impact of color in our world, Eiseman worked with Owens Corning to develop inspirational color palettes for each of its new Designer Colors Collection shingles. The palettes are intended to inspire homeowners by demonstrating a range of color options for house paint, trim and other exterior accents, all designed to coordinate with the new designer shingle colors.

Eiseman says, "If your home is in need of an update, and you're in the market for a new roof, consider color coordination for a makeover that will make your home a standout and add curb appeal at a whole new level. You can make the most of your home's best features by choosing a color palette that coordinates everything from shutters to shingles. When your home's exterior elements work in harmony, the look will be vibrant, cohesive and undeniably spectacular."

While a new roof is a long-term investment, homeowners can easily change paint and accent colors over time, finding inspiration in the array of colors in the Designer Colors Collection shingles. With seven sophisticated palettes, the shingles offer homeowners many options for adding color and style to their homes.

09625cChoosing a color palette for your home makeover

To discover your color personality and choose colors that will help bring out the best in your home, start by taking the Roofing Color Compass Quiz at

The interactive quiz helps you find the colors that match your personality and can help make the most of your home makeover. Capturing preferences on everything from favorite colors to feng shui, the quiz is fast, fun and surprisingly insightful.

Still need a little nudge to get started with your exterior makeover? Here are some hints for coordinating colors for your home's roof, paint and trim details.

  • Select complementary colors to highlight the unique style of your home or to focus attention on materials, special details or landscaping features.
  • Consider using darker colors as contrasting accents for windows, doors and other unique architectural elements.
  • Lighter colors, with less contrast, can help simplify your home's lines, making it appear larger.
  • Choose colors that respect the architecture of your home. Colonial, Victorian, Tudor, Greek revival, even American foursquare and bungalow-style homes all have conventional color palettes.
  • Take a long look at the natural setting of your home. Woodland settings suggest earth tones. Bright colors look best in sunny climates. Be sure to check for neighborhood association restrictions on color choices.
  • Brick, concrete, slate and stone elements aren't likely to be changed, so add accent and trim colors that complement or coordinate with them.


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