DIY Lamps and Lighting

(Family Features) Brightening up your home can come at a cost, especially if you're looking for something comparable to the glossy pages of an interior design magazine. But because imitation is, after all, the sincerest form of flattery, you can take a note from designer's looks and have some fun creating your own lamps. Here are several resources that offer tips for recreating expensive designs:

Add some flourish. If you have an existing lamp that needs some additional design work, check out the Simple Paint Updates for Everyday Home Accessories tutorial from "Better Homes and Gardens." Using a paint pen - or in this case, a fine-tip Sharpie - you can create your own designs on smooth surface lamp base.

Swap the shade. Sometimes making a change is as simple as updating the lampshade. You can create your own lampshade from a fabric of your choosing using the Design Your Own Lamp Shades tutorial from Teeny Blessings. Whether you prefer something subtle and modern, or bright and retro, you're free to change out the shade whenever you feel so inclined.

Look to nature. If you're looking for a statement piece, think outside the box. The DIY Driftwood Lamp from Create Something Beautiful is a perfect example of looking to nature to recreate a designer lamp. Likewise, you can create the DIY with Bookhou Woven Lamp from Poppy Talk using strips of wood veneer, glue and a hanging light.

Repurpose household items. If you already own some interesting glass vases or jug, you can recreate the look of an expensive glass lamp. Check out The Home-Made Pottery Barn/West Elm Lamp Knock-Off tutorial by The Thrifty Abode. For a slightly more modern look, use a cylinder vase and follow the How to Make a DIY Glass Lamp tutorial by The Happy Tulip.

Incorporate pendant lighting. If you're up for a bit of a challenge, consider creating a pendant lamp for your dining room, kitchen, entryway or hallway. Design Sponge makes it easy with their tutorial for a Vintage-Style Brass Pendant Lamp.

Regardless of whether you swap out a shade, or create a lamp from scratch, a few simple changes can really make a vast improvement to the overall look of key rooms in your home.