Make This Spring a Season of Clean

(Family Features) Spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition to clear the clutter and start fresh, but when strapped for time, it can be hard to get started. Instead, simplify the process, stay motivated and get a sense of accomplishment for a job well done with these tips.

Get Motivated
According to a survey conducted by The Clorox Company regarding attitudes toward spring cleaning, people who spring clean say the annual ritual provides a sense of accomplishment or rejuvenation. In fact, 37 percent of Americans compare it to the feeling of leaving work on a Friday afternoon – a sign they can finally kick back and relax.

The study also revealed that half of Americans still struggle to work up the motivation to get started on this seasonal task, and two out of five are challenged by finding the time to clean.

To make this season of clean less daunting and more fun, Clorox is sharing content co-created with Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam, Dariela Cruz of Mami Talks, Jaime Morrison Curtis and Jacinda Boneau of Pretty Prudent and Bri Emery of Design Love Fest as they share cleaning tips, life hacks, recipes and DIY projects to help keep you energized and inspired all season long.

Get Started
To kick off your spring cleaning regimen, map out your cleaning game plan. Dedicate 15 minutes to organizing your cleaning supplies, deciding which rooms to tackle and the products you’ll need, then assign a day to clean each of those spaces. This step can keep you from feeling completely overwhelmed when you aren’t quite sure where to start.

Then it’s time to clear the clutter and prep for the deep clean. Bedrooms and bedroom closets are hot spots for clutter, so they’re often the first rooms to be cleaned. For more than one in four Americans, the kitchen pantry and kitchen drawers also gather clutter.

Once your home is clutter-free, tackle the most dreaded chore on your list first. According to the survey, if Americans could give up one chore for the rest of their lives, scrubbing the toilet would be the first to go. Once you conquer your most dreaded space, whatever it is, the rest of your spring cleaning chores can feel like a breeze.

Stay Motivated
To keep yourself motivated through the cleaning sessions, allow yourself breaks. Cleaning breaks are necessary, as over half of Americans say that spring cleaning can take anywhere from 2-5 days. Snacks and screens – whether it be the television, computer or a smartphone – are the most popular ways to take a break during cleaning sprees.

Creating small incentives for yourself, such as hosting a get-together for the finale of your favorite TV show or taking a well-deserved staycation, can also keep you motivated throughout the cleaning process.

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