Spruce Up for Summer

Make your backyard the perfect outdoor space

(Family Features) To make the transition to summer season effortless, there may be some backyard upgrades and prep to be done to ensure your outdoor space is in tip-top shape. From your pool and patio to the grill, these tips can help get your backyard summer-ready.

Overhaul the Patio
Patios and decks are often considered the hub of the backyard, so consider sprucing yours up by power-washing the stone to remove any winter buildup or use stain for a complete refresh. Adding a pergola or umbrellas can help protect you from the elements and, for added comfort, consider installing an outdoor ceiling fan for humid days and a fire pit or patio heater for cooler nights.

Upgrade Outdoor Furniture
To ensure your backyard furniture lasts, invest in materials such as teak wood, redwood, cedar or stainless steel, which are typically durable and low-maintenance. If you want to add a personal touch, consider colorful cushions, throw pillows or an area rug made of weatherproof fabric.

Smarten Up Your Pool and Backyard
With smart homes on the rise, today’s tech-savvy homeowners are not only looking to automate appliances and gadgets inside the home, but now want smart controls in their outdoor spaces, as well. For example, Hayward’s OmniHub smart pool control offers pool owners the convenience and customization of complete pool, spa and backyard lighting automation from smart devices.

Prep Your Grill
Get ahead of barbecue season by building in ample time to prep your grill. Scrub or season your grill grates to avoid rust, stock up on charcoal and wood chips, check gas grills for leaks and fill up your propane tank. For safety, make sure your grill is at least 10 feet away from your home, outdoor structures and any trees or bushes.

Convert Your Pool to Salt Water
For the ultimate in pool luxury, consider switching your traditional chlorine pool to salt water. It’s a surprisingly simple project that can transform your pool experience. Salt pools offer owners soft, clean and clear water that won’t irritate eyes, dry out skin and hair, give off harsh odors or cause bathing suits to fade. Designed to be a convenient alternative to conventional chlorine, Hayward’s AquaRite system gently dissolves salt into the perfect amount of chlorine to sanitize your pool without harsh chemicals while creating velvety-smooth water.

Keep the Bugs at Bay
Mosquitos and other bugs can put a damper on outdoor entertaining, so be sure to stock up on repellents to ensure a bug-free backyard. Keep citronella or eucalyptus candles and torches on hand to maintain a pest-free space.

Whether you’re planning a family barbecue or pool party, or just want a space that offers the ultimate in tranquility, visit hayward.com for more tips to help jumpstart your home improvement project.