5 Ways to Make Mealtime Meaningful for Families and Furry Friends

(Family Features) Coming together for a shared meal is a simple, yet important way for family members to bond and create memories with one another. There’s no better time than right now to bring everyone together around the dinner table – including your four-legged friends – for a delicious meal.

These tips can help make mealtime even more meaningful for everyone. For more information about sharing mealtime moments with your pet, visit cesar.com .

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  • Get Everyone Involved. Have the family help with preparing the meal. Pick a recipe everyone can help make, such as build-your-own pizzas or taco bowls, to make dinner both a bonding activity and a rewarding experience when you get to eat your own creation.

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  • Don’t Forget Your Furry Friend. Schedule the same mealtime for the whole family, including your pets. Your dog can enjoy sharing in the family experience, and with his own food bowl, he’ll be gobbling his meal up, making it less tempting to beg for human food.

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  • Put the Phones Down. Establish a no-devices-at-the-dinner-table policy to encourage kids and adults alike to talk, engage and bond with each other. This quality time spent in the company of family can build stronger relationships and cherished memories for years to come.

  • Dine on Similar Dishes. Allow your four-legged friend to share in your dining experience by serving him dinners similar to those your family eats. For example, when you whip up a savory chicken with apples, barley and spinach, your dog can enjoy the same flavors in his bowl, thanks to the CESAR® SIMPLY CRAFTED™ line of mealtime enhancers for dogs.

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  • Opt for Healthy Options. Help keep everyone’s energy levels up by working plenty of fruits, vegetables and quality proteins into your family’s diet. Ingredients like carrots, pumpkin and green beans are also great for your pup, so look for a dog food option that includes ingredients like these to share your healthy eating lifestyle with your pet.