4 Benefits of Propane-Powered School Buses

(Family Features) Whether your child’s school bus takes them around the block or across town, every child deserves a safe, clean, healthy ride to the classroom. There are diverse energy options that can achieve this goal, such as propane, which is environmentally friendly and affordable.

Implementing solutions today, like propane-powered buses, can provide a better tomorrow for students. Consider these benefits of propane buses from the Propane Education & Research Council.

Student Health
Propane buses provide a variety of health benefits compared to diesel buses, including:

  • Reducing harmful emissions that are known to cause respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis
  • Providing a quieter ride, so students arrive calmer and ready to learn
  • Offering a comfortable ride in a cabin that warms up quickly

The Environment
Propane reduces emissions that negatively impact air quality in a scalable, affordable way.

Cost Savings
Propane and electric offer clean transportation, but the cost is not equal. A propane bus costs roughly one-third of an electric bus, meaning school districts can retire aging diesel fleets three times faster.

A range of 400 miles means propane buses offer reliable performance at long distances without stopping to refuel.

Visit BetterOurBuses.com to find more information you can share with your student’s school district leaders.


Propane Education & Research Council