4 Ways to Connect with Your Cat

(Family Features) In addition to playing with a laser pointer and offering endless cuddle sessions, there are many more ways to connect with your favorite feline. Cats are curious by nature, and in order for them to stay happy and healthy, they need lots of love and care from their parents.

Research shows pets give owners a greater sense of purpose, so it’s important to return the favor by showing how much you care. To feel a deep connection with their owners, cats should feel like they’re living their best lives, and much of that stems from feeding and playful interactions.

Following these tips, and visiting temptationstreats.com and nutro.com, can help deepen your relationship with your furry pal.

  1. Develop a Hygiene Routine – A way to strengthen your relationship is to show your cat how much you care about his or her health and overall well-being, and keeping his or her coat shiny and soft is a place to start. Treating your cat to a nightly routine of brushing can be a one-on-one bonding experience.

  1. Reward with Treats – Whether you’re working on training your cat or just want to encourage your furry pal to practice good behavior, consider giving rewards. One option is TEMPTATIONS Treats for Cats, which are crunchy on the outside with a soft, meaty center. A shake of the bag can make your cat’s mouth water for these irresistible treats.

  1. Understand Boundaries – As curious creatures, cats need their own spaces to explore. Give your pet an area to call his or her own to show you understand his or her needs. For example, a cat tree to climb on helps exert energy and provides an area for a favorite activity, like taking a catnap.

  1. Fuel Your Feline – Cats naturally prefer what’s best for them – food that energizes them inside and out. Providing your feline with the best possible fuel can help you show your love. Consider an option like NUTRO dry cat food with clean recipes that are simple, purposeful and trustworthy, and made of real, recognizable and non-GMO ingredients.

Photos courtesy of Fotolia