How to Safely Dispose of Used Medical Sharps During Holiday Travel

(Family Features) Millions of people in the United States use sharps to manage short-term or chronic conditions. Sharps are needles or devices that puncture the skin to dispense medication. For many existing sharps users and people using sharps for the first time, disposal can be confusing, especially while traveling.

Holiday travel requires sharps users to be educated on local rules governing safe disposal.
A resource called helps people learn how to safely discard their used sharps and find disposal locations across the United States. The website features a clickable map and ZIP code search that explains disposal rules by location to help travelers comply with local regulations, no matter where they are. Additionally, there are short videos explaining what sharps are and how to manage their disposal at home and on the road.  

Free printable resources, a step-by-step guide for at-home sharps disposal and a disposal location finder in every state are available on the website for sharps users, health care providers, patient educators and advocates. The resources can also be downloaded and sent to family members and friends ahead of travel.           

No matter if you are traveling by plane, train, car or staying home this holiday season, it’s important to know how to safely dispose of used sharps. can help.

Learn more about the rules of safe sharps disposal this holiday season at


Photo courtesy of Getty Images