How to Make the Most Out of Family Time

(Family Features) With a little imagination, you can dream up all kinds of creative, engaging and interactive activities the entire family can enjoy no matter the season.

Whether it's a night in or on-the-go activities that spark excitement for you and yours, find the way toward fun-filled time together with these six ideas for families to make the most out of every moment.

1. Hit the library. With school in full swing, there are few better ways to build on classroom exercises than reading. From kindergarten to college and picture books to novels, libraries offer entertaining reads for any interest. Beyond books, many libraries offer movie nights, games and more for kids and parents to enjoy together.

2. Create an adventure in your living room. Sometimes weather forces you to stay indoors, so why not bring the outdoors inside. Kids can get a thrill from hosting a campout in the living room. Using an option like the downloadable DQ Camp-In Shadow Puppet Storybook, you can create your own creature-filled forest adventure. Or for a tried and true fun time, let each family member pick a favorite board game, snack and beverage then spend the evening playing for a game night championship.

3. Learn a new skill. Learning together can be a great bonding experience. Not only can you share in the sense of accomplishment of mastering a new skill, but you'll have a new activity the entire family can enjoy together. The options are nearly endless, from bowling to roller skating to taking a cooking or baking class together and more. Talk together as a family about the new things each person might like to explore then work together to start adding to your abilities. You may even be surprised by the hidden talents you uncover.

4. Take a weekend road trip. Piling in the car for a weekend of exploration is sure to get everyone's adventurous spirits soaring. Once you select a destination, get the kids involved in planning the journey, from the sights you'll see along the way to a variety of activities to pass the time in the car. Work together to organize goodies for hungry bellies on the road and ask kids to help pack their travel bags. Consider keeping simple games in your car, such as a Memory Makers card set, or purchasing albums kids can fill with photos, drawings, journal entries and ticket stubs they collect along the journey.

5. Go out for dessert. To take the end of dinner up a notch, get out of the house and turn dessert into a full-blown experience itself. Create and savor sweet memories with crave-worthy treats that celebrate the tastes of the season, such as the Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Blizzard Treat from DQ, which blends creamy vanilla soft serve with soft snickerdoodle cookie dough bites sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

6. Hold a backyard party. Backyard get togethers are the perfect way to reconnect with neighbors, friends and family alike. Set up group activities like a volleyball game to let everyone participate or create a series of stations so kids can explore what interests them most. Activities such as ring toss, treasure or scavenger hunts and sidewalk chalk are simple ways to inspire loads of fun.

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