5 Springtime Adventure Ideas for You and Your Pet

(Family Features) As temperatures rise and days get longer, pets, just like humans, get excited about spring. It’s time to get into new routines, and warmer weather provides the perfect opportunity to spend more time with your pet, creating memories both indoors and out.

Here are a few ideas for enjoying springtime with your pet from the experts at the NUTRO™ and GREENIES™ brands.

1. Get Active Outside – With the return of sunshine, spring is a prime opportunity for you and your four-legged friend to get active in the great outdoors. Take out your tennis shoes, grab a leash and hit the road. Whether you’re taking a walk, visiting a dog park or going on a hike, regular physical activity outdoors can help keep you and your pet healthy and active.

2. Spring Cleaning – This isn’t just about dusting off bookshelves or decluttering closets. It’s also an opportunity to reassess other aspects of your life that could use a cleaning, such as yours and your pet’s diets. As part of the NUTRO. FEED CLEAN™ philosophy, dog and cat food recipes are made with real, recognizable ingredients, such as chicken, salmon and sweet potatoes, allowing you to share your healthy eating lifestyle with your pet.

3. Yappy Hour on the Patio – It’s that time of year when sidewalks are buzzing with the weekend brunch crowd. As you enjoy fresh, seasonal foods, your fur baby can have quality time on patios with you, too. To help make pets welcome in more places, Mars Petcare established the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS™ program, which works with local businesses and governments to encourage pet-friendliness.

4. Make New Friends – Give your pet the freedom to run around a dog park and socialize with other dogs and pet owners alike. If your canine is also a social butterfly, playing with other pooches can be both physically and mentally stimulating. Visiting the dog park is also an opportunity for you to meet other like-minded, dog-friendly people in the neighborhood.

5. Go on a Mini Road Trip – Whether you’re heading out on a weekend camping trip or an adventure in a field of flowers, don’t forget to include your pet in your plans. It’s important to consider how your furry friend will ride along with you on your road trip. Try bringing a blanket or toy from your house, so your dog can be comforted by the smells of home. Also, when the family is in the close quarters of a car for an extended amount of time, make sure you pack an option like GREENIES™ Dental Treats to help freshen your dog’s breath.

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