Festive Holiday Gifts for Pets

(Family Features) Spreading holiday cheer with loving gifts is a tradition for many people, and families often include their pets in the fun to make those happy moments even brighter. Festive apparel, toys, treats and more can help pet parents show appreciation to their animal friends throughout the season.

From dogs and cats to reptiles, guinea pigs and other lovable pets, a retailer like PetSmart has gift ideas that can delight pets of all shapes and sizes. Plus, with the option to “buy now, pay later” through Afterpay, pet parents have more flexible payment options when shopping online or in stores.

Consider some of this season’s top holiday gifts for pets, and find even more gift ideas and stocking stuffers at PetSmart.com or in stores.

A Festive Fit for Reptiles

Comfy pajama sets don’t just have to be for friends and family. Fun, seasonal attire can also help make reptilian pets a part of the festivities. Options like this Merry & Bright Lumberjack Reptile Costume provide your bearded dragon with a warm, comfortable and adorable outfit you can easily slip on and off.

Aquarium Ready Swimming Santa

Deck the halls of your underwater world with this Merry & Bright Scuba Santa Aquarium Ornament. It’s an easy way to decorate for your fish friends with this fun and colorful underwater Santa. This ornament can add seasonal cheer to your aquatic decor and your home.

Pamper Your Pup with New Shampoo

Freshen your pet’s coat before guests arrive with a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. Despite the hustle and bustle of the season, the Burt’s Bees 2-in-1 Tearless Puppy Shampoo & Conditioner can keep your pet’s coat clean and shiny all season long. Made with nourishing buttermilk to soothe skin and soften fur, the shampoo allows you to groom your pet with gentle, natural ingredients.

A Kitty Countdown Advent Calendar

If your cat made the nice list this year, you can include him or her in the countdown with the Merry & Bright Holiday Advent Calendar for cats featuring a 25-day countdown with one toy for each day. With daily surprises including glittering ball and bell toys or catnip, the calendar provides plenty of opportunities for your kitty to hunt, stalk, swat and pounce all season long.

Celebrate Smaller Pets with Costumes

While it’s easy to include cats and dogs in the action with toys and treats, don’t forget the smaller furry family members. You can keep your guinea pig on the gift list this holiday season with this Merry & Bright Christmas Tree Small Pet Holiday Costume. It slips on and off easily for a comfortable fit to provide even more fun.

Matching Sweaters for Pups and People

Celebrate the season with your dog in style with matching Tipsy Elves Holiday Sweaters for pups and pet parents. Each sweater features a fun, festive design to get everyone in the spirit while showing off you and your pup’s unique personalities. With an “I’ve Been Nice” version for dogs and “I’ve Been Naughty” version for pet parents, the sweaters are fun options for your next holiday gathering.


Photo courtesy of Getty Images (couple with dog)