4 Ways to Include Your Furry Friends in Holiday Festivities

(Family Features) The holidays are a time when many come together to celebrate loved ones, practice family traditions, express gratitude and share gifts. This year, many have leaned on close friends and family for support and relied on the companionship of their furry family members as well.

While the holidays will look different this year, pet parents can still have their furry friends by their side all season long. Celebrate the holidays with your pet and “twin” with festive “12 Days of Twinning” ideas from the CESAR® brand, known for inspiring shared moments between pets and pet parents, and learn more at cesar.com.

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Savor Time Outdoors
Many neighborhoods and shops celebrate the holidays with decorations and displays. To take in all the holiday season has to offer, bring your pup along for a walk. Whether viewing festive lights in your neighborhood or taking in the decorative window displays in town, it can be a simple way to get your hearts pumping while taking in the season.

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Modify Holiday Traditions
Whatever your holiday tradition, adding a spin to include your pup can help ensure your whole family is included in the fun. If you’re spending a night baking cookies, consider preparing a pet-friendly batch. As many families enjoy meals together with sentimental recipes, it’s also an opportunity to include your pet in the occasion with an option like CESAR® HOME DELIGHTS™ food, which are a tasty choice for dogs that offer gourmet recipes like pot roast and slow-cooked chicken with vegetables to help you twin with your pup during mealtime.

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Commemorate Holiday Memories
To help you reflect on the time you’ve spent this holiday season for years to come, remember to snap festive photos of you with your family – including your furry family members. To add even more fun, consider twinning with your pets through matching outfits or accessories to take your holiday spirit to the next level.


Create Shared Moments Worth Remembering
To help inspire shared moments between pet parents and their pups, the 12 Days of Twinning program from the CESAR® brand features a limited-edition holiday calendar with festive accessories and experiences to help pets and their parents share in the joy of the holiday spirit all season long. Follow along on social at @cesarcuisine and share your own holiday twinning moments with #12DaysofTwinning.