4 Tips for Working from Home with Your Pet

(Family Features) One of the perks of working from home is more time with your pets. While it can be exciting to have your furry friends by your side all day, it’s important to know how to make the day as productive and pleasant as possible for you and your pet. Mindfully incorporating your pet and his needs into your routine can allow for an efficient and successful workday with your four-legged coworker.

“Working from home is a new reality that so many people across the country are adjusting to,” said Dave Bradey, vice president of people and organization at Mars Petcare. "Having the opportunity to spend more time with our pets allows us to strengthen our bonds and enjoy all the mood-boosting, stress-reducing benefits they bring. Through our Better Cities for Pets™ program, it’s our goal to help people enjoy the benefits of a life with pets, even when they’re adorably interrupting our work calls.”

Consider these tips to help make working from home with your pets as smooth as possible, and visit BetterCitiesForPets.com for more information on keeping pets happy and healthy.

  1. Feed and play with your pet before you start your workday. Keeping a schedule is an important step to help ensure the day goes smoothly for both you and your furry friend. Before you start your workday, make sure to find time to feed and play with your pet. Doing these things before you start working can help tire out Fido or Fluffy and should keep him happy and satisfied, making it less likely that your important call is interrupted.


  1. Provide distractions during calls and meetings. It’s important to be proactive with your pet’s needs during the day, rather than reacting to an interruption, like your pet needing to go outside or have his water bowl refilled. If you have a call or video conference that can’t be interrupted, be sure to take care of your pet’s needs ahead of time. It also helps to provide some distractions for your pet in advance of the call. Hide treats around your home to create a scavenger hunt or bring out an interactive toy to keep him preoccupied.


  1. Reward good behavior. Positive reinforcement is a way to teach your pet good behaviors. It’s important to give your pet regular performance reviews by rewarding good behavior and discouraging the bad during the workday. Make sure to let your pet know when he’s doing the right thing by giving extra love and treats to encourage him to continue being the good boy that he is.


  1. Schedule quality time during the day. Your pet will likely be just as excited as you to spend some extra time together. Make sure to schedule breaks during the day to give your pet all your attention. Whether it’s a quick walk, some designated play time or fetch in the yard, quality time can be a mood booster for both you and your pet and will make sure he feels the love.


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