Empowering Kids to Help Kids

(Family Features) Some of the challenges of the 21st century demand solutions from a new generation of problem-solvers. Children can join forces to bring tangible change to the world around them, including helping to solve worldwide ailments like malnourishment.

In celebration of Kid Power Month in May, UNICEF USA is encouraging children and families around the country to get active and save lives by empowering kids from coast to coast to provide change in their communities.

With the UNICEF Kid Power program, children and their families around the United States can help end global malnutrition. In support of lifesaving nutrition work across the globe, the program gives kids the power to save lives by connecting their physical activity to social impact.

By using the UNICEF Kid Power Band or downloading the app, kids can use their near-boundless energy and inner power to run, jump and dance their way to unlocking funding from partners that UNICEF uses to deliver lifesaving nutrition to severely malnourished children. The more kids move, the more lives they can save. With this lifesaving impact, kids can become more aware of the world around them and become empowered to solve the challenges they face in their own communities.

With more than 10 million lifesaving Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food packets unlocked to-date and over 70,000 lives saved since 2014, UNICEF Kid Power is empowering the next generation of global citizens. This May, you can become a global citizen, learn more about the program and help bring Kid Power's curriculum and local-global impact to even more students by visiting unicefkidpower.org