Summer-Ready Beauty Secrets

(Family Features) It’s time to get your body ready for tanks and shorts, bikinis at the beach, evenings out with friends and vacationing with family – all of which mean showing off your beautiful skin. Summer styles call for a whole new approach to body care.

You can boost your summer beauty regimen by giving your body extra attention from head to toe and adding a few of these expert tips and products from European Wax Center to your routine, giving you the confidence to show off your skin at every warm-weather occasion.

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Hair Removal Tips

One hair can make a big difference in how you look and feel, especially since you’re going to be showing off more skin this summer. European Wax Center’s Chief Wax Expert and Educator Melanie Gilliland offers the following tips to keep hair contained to and growing only where you want it:

  • Never tweeze ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs would be much less of an issue if they were left alone and treated with an ingrown hair serum or ingrown hair wipes. Picking ingrown hairs makes them 10 times worse and can scar the skin. If the hair is partially outside of the skin and you can easily grab it with tweezers without breaking skin or digging in the least, feel free to remove it. If it requires digging, popping or squeezing, hide your tweezers and leave it alone.
  • Wax on a schedule. If you wax on a schedule without shaving, your waxes become easier over time. The most effective way to reduce discomfort is to wax on a schedule (approximately every 3-4 weeks), which will also help accelerate results, such as hair thinning and growing in more sparsely. Waxing too often (when the hair is too short) will actually be more painful and if the hair is too long, it indicates that you have waited too long and now the hair has had more time to root itself.

Banish ingrown hairs

Make banishing bumps and ingrown hairs disappear quickly and easily while visibly helping slow the regrowth of hair between waxes with convenient, single-use Smooth Me Ingrown Hair Wipes that help nip pesky ingrown hairs anyplace, anytime. These portable wipes are infused with alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and prevent bumps when used daily (twice daily for existing breakouts).

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Say bye, bye to dead skin

You can wave goodbye to dry, dead skin and accelerate cell renewal without any harsh abrasives and prevent ingrown hairs by helping keep hair follicles clear after waxing with Reveal Me Body Exfoliating Gel. Naturally derived fruit enzymes eliminate dry, dull surface cells and support natural cell turnover, and Comfort Blend calms, nourishes and restores skin. While it’s gentle enough for daily use, it’s recommended at least three times a week to help maintain beautiful skin.

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Give your skin a radiant glow

Since you’ll be exposing more skin this summer, make sure it has an undeniably radiant glow. Cheeky, Graceful and Sensual Strut Body Polishes are high-performing exfoliators that help prevent unsightly bumps and ingrown hairs, visibly slowing the growth of hair between waxes to keep skin smooth and looking its best.

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