Make 2022 Your Year

(Family Features) A new year isn’t just the turning of a calendar page; it’s a new beginning and a perfect opportunity to recommit to yourself. This year, give yourself permission to make your physical and mental wellness a top priority.

Practicing self-care can take many forms, from learning better eating habits to finding ways to enjoy exercise on your own terms. Feeling good physically can influence your mental wellness but remember mindfulness and managing stress are also essential to your overall well-being.

Get a start on new habits and a wellness plan that’s uniquely yours with these products, all created with the idea of making it easier to make better-for-you choices all year long. Find more wellness and lifestyle advice to give yourself a boost in the new year at

A Convenient, Crunchy Snack

Made from simple, wholesome ingredients that are uncompromisingly delicious, Crunchmaster crackers include ingredients that are always gluten free, dried to a precise moisture and baked for a satisfying crunch to keep you coming back for more. They can be conveniently paired with your favorite dips and toppings for a tasty snack and are perfect for charcuterie when entertaining family and friends. Find more information at

Eating Better On the Go

Creating quick and easy meals as part of a commitment to eating well in the new year doesn’t have to be difficult. An option like Minute Ready to Serve microwavable cups are perfectly portioned for building on-the-go breakfasts, lunches and snacks that can keep you satisfied and energized throughout the day without overeating. Available in several delicious varieties, including Brown Rice & Quinoa, the non-GMO, gluten-free cups provide just the right amount of carbs for all-day energy and are also MSG free, cholesterol free and contain no preservatives. Learn more at

Join the Viral Proffee Trend

One of the hardest parts of starting and maintaining New Year’s resolutions can be finding great-tasting, nutritious products that can help build healthy habits. This year, try the proffee craze by adding a Premier Protein High Protein Shake to your coffee, latte or cappuccino. It can boost your cup with 30 grams of satiating protein and 24 vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants like vitamins C and E, to help support a healthy immune system. Visit for more information.

Strike a Pose to Get in Shape

One advantage of yoga is it can be practiced virtually anywhere. While a mat isn’t strictly necessary, it does help cushion your feet and prevent slipping. If you plan to join a class, loaner mats are generally well-sanitized, but having your own may give you peace of mind. When shopping, remember thinner mats are best for stability-building poses while thicker mats work well for therapeutic sessions. Also consider materials; natural mats are more eco-friendly while PVC mats are easy to clean and more affordable.

Add Audio for a Better Workout

Getting in the right mindset to work out may be easier if you have some motivating music or an intriguing audiobook to listen to instead of counting minutes on the cardio machine. Wireless headphones let you customize your workout experience without affecting anyone who may be nearby. They connect through Bluetooth and eliminate the need to wrestle with a wired connection to your smartphone. There are numerous options (over-ear, on-ear and in-ear) so you can find the style that feels most comfortable and practical for you.

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