Put Your Resolutions in Easy Reach

(Family Features) Setting New Year’s resolutions is one thing but keeping them is another. Look for ways to make it easy to stick with your plan this year so you can celebrate victories when you reach your goals.

The first step in achieving your resolutions is setting yourself up for success. Arm yourself with the resources you need to eliminate obstacles. That might mean finding the right gear, like exercise equipment or cooking supplies, or using tech tools to learn about the benefits of certain foods for better health.

Making your new routines easy and convenient can help convert unfamiliar actions into habits in nearly no time at all.

Be sure to set realistic milestone goals so you can reward yourself for progress toward your end goal. If you find yourself slipping along the way, take a look at what’s pushing you off your path and make adjustments. Keep your focus on the end goal and allow yourself some flexibility as you figure out the best way to get there.

Find more tips to help keep your healthy living goals on track at eLivingtoday.com.

Manage Meal Prep
Preparing healthy meals ahead of time makes it easier to avoid less nutritious choices when your days get busy. Use a couple of weekend hours to prep meals for the entire week and keep your healthy eating goals on track. The right tools can make the job even easier. Look for meal prep containers with dividers that help you control portions. Also look for options that stack neatly in the refrigerator and are microwave- and dishwasher-safe for extra convenience.

Boost Health with Lemons
Lemons and their peels can deliver health benefits like the potential to reduce cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer. You can easily incorporate lemons into your menu to help solve health problems or achieve desired outcomes like improved skin, hair, nails and more.  In fact, the Nature’s Pharmacy app from Limoneira identifies 57 health concerns or desired outcomes, addressing them with 74 fruits and vegetables found in a typical grocery produce department. Learn more at Limoneira.com.