5 Tips to Save on Bills

(Family Features) Finding ways to curb your monthly spending may leave you feeling like you’re living to work, not the other way around. When you’ve trimmed the excess from your monthly budget and still need to cut back more, it may take some creative thinking to get those dollars and cents to start adding up.

For most people, the first step toward saving on bills is getting rid of all the extra spending. However, that’s not always enough, and it’s not always practical or realistic to cut down to bare bones. Before you stress about where to cut next, take a look at these tips for little changes that can add up to big savings:

  1. Reconsider your cable source. There are literally dozens – maybe more – streaming services available to fulfill your viewing needs. Most people subscribe to a cable or satellite package that has plenty of excess channels. Many streaming options allow you to take a more custom approach so you’re only paying for the programming you actually watch.
  2. Update your mobile phone and plan. Do some checking to ensure you’re getting the best value on your mobile service. Make sure you’re only paying for the features and services you use, and that you’re not paying for more data or access than you need. You may even find that looking into a prepaid program like the NUU Mobile Smartphone bundle is the most cost-effective route. You can get one of the latest Android smartphones with up to 2 months of the Lycamobile $29 monthly unlimited plan included. The plan provides unlimited nationwide talk, text and data, as well as unlimited international texts and a generous international calling allowance. With no contract and the ability to make the switch in minutes, there is no need to worry about spending valuable time waiting in line for a new device and plan.
  3. Conserve water usage. A long, steamy shower may be part of your morning ritual, but if you’re looking for places to cut, it only makes sense to look at ways to quit sending money down the drain. Cut back on shower time and take other steps to modify your water bill, such as researching non-peak times for cheaper dishwasher and laundry operation.
  4. Keep power under control. If you habitually flit from room to room and leave lights on in your wake, you’re simply wasting money. Turn lights off when you leave the room and make sure electronics aren’t drawing power when they’re not in use, not only for safety but for savings, too.
  5. Adjust your climate. Changing your thermostat even a couple of degrees can make a big difference in your bill. Rely on dimmed lights, window treatments and fans to help keep rooms cool, and always nudge the temperature up or down several degrees when you’ll be away for an extended period.

Small changes in your daily habits can have a surprisingly big impact, especially over a period of time. Explore more budget-friendly options to fit your lifestyle at nuumobile.com.

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