Decorating Ideas to Transform Your Kids' Bedrooms

(Family Features) Is your child a rock star, sports fan, budding scientist or little princess? No matter what your child's personality, they will love these easy ideas for decorating their bedroom. Pick the perfect shade for the walls, and then up the fun factor with paint that glows in the dark, sparkles, shines or glitters. Finish it off with a few distinctive accessories and they'll have a one-of-a-kind bedroom that is as special and unique as they are.

The ideas below will help you create fun, innovative rooms that are easy to create.


One of the most enduring bedroom themes for boys and girls revolves around sports. Whether your little athlete plays or just watches soccer, football or basketball, this is an easy look to achieve. Select two shades that match their favorite team's colors. Paint the bottom half of each wall in the darkest color then coat the top half with the other. Create a polished look by dividing the two colors with a wide, horizontal strip of paint. Posters, pennants and memorabilia complete the look.


Give your little prince or princess a dreamy bedroom inspired by Disney's most cherished icons. Select the perfect color from the new line of Disney Paint by the makers Glidden Paint ®. It comes in 112 exclusive colors designed to give kids inspiration at every stage - from infant to tween. Add matching bedding and other accessories to complete the look. For a truly show-stopping finish, put a splash of glitter on the walls. Disney Paint, "All That Glitters," is a new clear topcoat that creates a shimmering glitter finish over any painted surface.


All it takes is the perfect color of blue paint to transform any bedroom into a tropical oasis. Carry the theme throughout the room with white curtains, bedding and furniture. Then trim the windows by draping lengths of grass skirting along the top and placing several clear jars of sea glass along one ledge. Prop a surfboard or two in the corner or hang them from the ceiling to complete the look.


Glow-in-the-dark paint makes it easy to create an out-of-this-world bedroom. After all, every budding young scientist should have lots of encouragement to reach for the stars. Paint the walls a deep space blue. Then create celestial bodies around the room using planetary stencils that you can see even when the lights go out. Disney Paint has five new specialty finishes, including "Ready, Set, Glow!" This translucent, ready-to use yellow paint allows any surface to glow in the dark. Use it also to stencil stars on the ceiling, turn off the lights and let your child dream up a bright future.

Tips to Help Complete the Transformation

  • Use a room's fifth wall - the ceiling - to help spice up a room
  • Stencil fun shapes, like tiaras, jewels, cars, boats, etc., to help complement your kids' personalities
  • Add an extra punch to small spaces, like bathrooms or window seats, with a fun and dynamic finish
  • Jazz up one piece of furniture, like a nightstand, chest of drawers or wooden chair, to bring extra personality to a room

Painting Supplies You'll Need

  • Your paint, finishes and extra accessories - Disney Paint is only available at select Walmart stores nationwide
  • Painters tape at least 2" wide
  • Paint brushes for small or tight areas
  • Drop cloths
  • Paint trays
  • Rollers and roller covers

To get more inspiration and helpful tips, visit You can also experiment with the virtual "Room Painter" tool or browse the gallery.

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