On-Trend Home Design

6 design approaches to explore in 2019

(Family Features) The influence of global cultures is increasingly visible in home decor as technology expands homeowners’ worldviews. Acting on the inspiration of global trends can be as simple as shifting your outlook to bringing eye-catching features and everyday functions into your home.

For example, playing with color, replacing doors and incorporating unique accents can help contribute to an on-trend style that flows seamlessly from room to room. Colors offer the opportunity to create a mood and update a space. Doors provide an average of 800 square feet of previously untapped design potential that can add visual interest and enhance the functionality of a room. Unique accents invite whimsy and individuality.

As you make plans to redesign spaces within your home, watch for these trends in 2019 to support your lifestyle needs and design aspirations.

Nordic Noir
If you crave simplicity and cleanliness, embrace the Scandinavian approach to design that’s all about moderation. Nordic Noir upholds values of minimalism and timeless devotion to well-made elements that are beautiful in their own simplicity. Muted colors like blue-gray and pale rose come to life on walls and in fabrics. Doors made of dark metal and wood paired with glass panels bring natural light and warmth into the home.

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Urban Country
This trend brings the look and feel of rural living to urban spaces by pairing crisp white and warm neutrals with ornate fixtures. Elements like a craftsman-style front door with sidelights help to accentuate the home’s original detailing, while well-crafted, handmade pieces bring the heart and soul of country living into the space. Urban Country is perfect for the fast-paced urbanite looking to live a more balanced, slow-paced lifestyle.

“These macro-trends influence our home design choices, down to the style of a front door,” said Lorena Morales, creative director for Masonite International, a leading designer and manufacturer of interior and exterior doors. “With about 800 square feet of design space to work with, doors should play a pivotal role in the design of any home. A homeowner can begin to transform a room’s entryway from Urban Country to Nordic Noir simply by choosing a door with glass that’s clear over glass with iron caming. Materials, textures and colors are incredibly impactful elements in these trends.”

Rustic Luxury
Geared toward those who need a personal space where they can restore energy and find balance, Rustic Luxury design helps homeowners disconnect from the demands of everyday life. With this trend, the focus is on creating harmony between natural and architectural design elements. Try mixing sculptural design pieces and greenery with natural wood doors and concrete benches for a calming counterbalance to frenetic, fast-paced living.

Pretty and Calm
As female buying-power continues to increase, spaces are being redesigned to fit the lifestyles of modern women who often appreciate both contemporary and traditional design. Biophilic elements mixed with pale-hued colors, luxurious touches and textured glass doors are all key features for Pretty and Calm design. To achieve this style, play with textures that feature warm yet bold colors like pale blue, sunshine yellow and sage. Don’t be afraid to experiment with dissimilar materials to find the right combination of interest and comfort.

“Trends like Pretty and Calm lean on neutrals that are more compelling than beige to create beautiful and calm interiors,” said Kate Rumson, interior designer and founder of The Real Houses of Instagram. “When these pale hues are layered with dark, smoky colors like blacks and grays, this trend can appeal to nearly everyone. To complete the room, pair an ornate door featuring glass or polished nickel hardware with a soft finish to create a design element that’s timeless.”

Live and Work
If you’re one of more than 3.4 million Americans working from home at least half of the time, you may require transitional spaces that accommodate both productivity and downtime. To adopt this design trend, consider the use of furniture and products that can serve multiple purposes. For example, modern barn doors in bold tones of vibrant orange or cool blue can provide privacy during work hours and serve as an industrial design accent off-hours.

Mediterranean Escape
If you classify yourself as a traveler, you may favor the style of Mediterranean Escape. People who travel tend to bring blended influences from various cultures home. This trend helps homeowners showcase the intricate detail and culture in those treasured pieces. Paired with wrought iron accents, warm colors and arched doorways, Mediterranean Escape adds sophistication and story to nearly any space.

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Decoding Door Styles

Swinging Door: This is a hinged door that swings into or out of a room and is the most standard interior door application.

Bifold Door: A folding door that has several sections that fold in pairs. Bifolds are most commonly made for closets but may also be used between rooms.

Bypass Door: A bypass door consists of two or more sections that can slide in either direction along one axis on parallel overhead tracks so that they slide past each other. They are most commonly used as closet doors to access one side of the closet at a time. The doors in a bypass unit will overlap slightly when viewed from the front to eliminate any visible gap between them.

Barn Door: An on-trend interior door option that uses externally mounted hardware to allow the door to slide over an opening without taking the space needed for a swinging door.

Trends don’t have to impede individual design. Global influences like sustainability, craftsmanship and simplicity can be the foundation for creating an environment tailored to meet unique lifestyles and needs. Find more information and 2019 design inspiration at MasoniteTrends.com.