Lighting the Master Bedroom Suite

(Family Features) Remodeling can be a lot of work, but the payoff is well worth the price if you focus your efforts in the right place. Specific home improvements can increase the value of your home above the cost of the improvements. According to Remodeling magazine, which publishes an annual “Cost vs. Value” remodeling report, a remodeled master bedroom suite can return 82 percent to the owner.

Remodeling the master bedroom suite doesn’t end with the purchase and placement of a queen- or king-size bed. In addition to selecting furniture, flooring and fixtures, choosing the right lighting elements for the master bedroom and the master bath can be just as important as deciding on wall colors, bed linens and towels.

Using the right bulb for the fixture means increased light output, better functionality and overall improved aesthetic appeal. Employ general purpose bulbs in table and floor lamps and enclosed ceiling fixtures. Use globes in lights above the vanity. Try decorative bulbs in chandeliers, sconces or anywhere the light source is visible. And utilize spotlights and floodlights in track and recessed fixtures.

For overhead and general uses, recessed spotlights supplement task lighting, like bedside lamps. GE Reveal and GE Reveal Halogen light bulbs have neodymium in the glass that filters out dull yellow rays, making colors in artwork, wallpaper, carpets, paint and curtains really pop, says GE lighting specialist Kathy Presciano. Add window blinds, which can easily be closed, for light control and privacy.

The bedroom space is not just for sleeping. This room needs flexible lighting that can change from functional to romantic to suit the need and mood of the moment. Consider dimmable lights — perhaps in the form of a wall-mounted sconce — for decorative and accent lights that set the mood.

Bedside lamps are key for both nighttime reading and for navigating your way out of bed. You may opt for lamps located on a bedside table or ceiling-mounted hanging fixtures. Or, consider mounting swing-arm lamps on the wall which enable you to focus the light right where you want it.

The master bathroom can be a tranquil, peaceful, spalike setting where homeowners can wind down and relax. When lighting your bath consider these tips:

  • At the vanity or sink, grooming light requires shadowless light from above and from both sides of the mirror or counter. Bright light sources with translucent or plastic glass diffusers provide good illumination. GE Edison halogen produces bright, crisp white light.
  • If the bathroom mirror is 36 inches wide or greater, use a ceiling fixture at least 24 inches wide or shielded wall fixtures mounted above the mirror. You may also opt to use a row of exposed globe lights along the tops and sides of the mirror.
  • For bathrooms with small mirrors, select three matching fixtures. Use a ceiling fixture above the front edge of the countertop or sink and hang two additional light sources, preferably pendants, on each side of the mirror about 60 inches high and 30 inches apart.
  • Track lights are a great option for accenting tub and shower stall areas in bathrooms with high ceilings.


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