Organize Your Way to a Clutter-Free Kitchen

(Family Feature) A kitchen must be many things for the average family: a cooking center, social hub and, most importantly, a central command station for the entire household. Unfortunately, organization sometimes takes a backseat in the chaos of daily life, which means kitchens and pantries aren’t living up to their full potential as spaces that make our lives easier to manage.

Make your kitchen and pantry meet your family’s needs with these tips:

Get everyone on board
Any effort to get organized will only be effective if the approach works for the whole family. Get the little ones involved with the kitchen’s daily organization by giving them a specific place to find their favorite snacks. Keep shelving at a height kids can reach so they can take charge of packing their own school lunches. Organize groceries by relevance. For example, store the most commonly used items at eye level.

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Make the most of your space
It can be easy to transform your pantry into a beautiful and functional space. Think practical and start with the basics by upgrading your storage with practical wire shelving, like a ClosetMaid ShelfTrack system, featuring Close Mesh shelving that prevents items from tipping or falling through. The adjustable shelves come in a variety of depths to store bulkier items and accessories such as wire baskets and bins help maximize every inch of storage space.

Move the pantry elsewhere
Kitchen pantries often become a catchall for more than just groceries and kitchen accessories. If your home’s layout permits, relocate your pantry to a larger space to stow less frequently used items and day-to-day things that tend to accumulate.

Keep counters clutter-free
Kitchen counters typically suffer the most daily overflow, but redirecting some of that excess elsewhere can give your kitchen a less cluttered appearance. Stop the clutter before it starts by assigning each family member a container for miscellaneous odds and ends. An option such as ClosetMaid’s Chalkboard Fabric Drawers lets you choose from three different colors and notate what items are tucked away in each bin.

A kitchen and pantry makeover might be just what you need to freshen up the organization in your home. Whether you simply want to spruce up your kitchen space or give your pantry an overhaul, your finished project will inspire and streamline organization throughout the whole house.

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