4 Projects to Breathe New Life into Your Home

(Family Features) As warmer weather approaches so do opportunities for homeowners to get outside and get to work on the home projects they’ve been dreaming of throughout the cold and rainy months.

If you’re eager to dust off those tools, wash the paintbrushes and get to work outdoors, here are four projects to revive and restore and your house:

Spruce up your outdoor space. Many homeowners use their deck or patio as an extension of their living room in warmer months, so reviving this area of your home is a great way to welcome warm weather. If your patio furniture is still in good shape from last year, give it a good clean with soap and water, then spray it down with a hose. If entertaining is your forte, consider adding string lights and a metal bar cart to your space, making your home the neighborhood go-to for outdoor parties and barbecues.

Give the deck a makeover. A lot of dirt and debris can collect on the deck during less-used months, so, first and foremost, you’ll want to clean your patio or deck with a deck cleaner, rinse with water and let dry. Always be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for deck cleaning products. Then, to protect against the elements and ultraviolet light, use Paramount stain-and-sealant-in-one from Pittsburgh Paints & Stains, a super premium stain that offers advanced protection and durability. To truly extend your living space to the outdoors and create a seamless transition, use an outdoor stain color that is similar to any existing hardwood floors inside your house. With more than 70 stain colors in the line to choose from, this is the recipe you need to highlight the natural beauty of your home’s woodwork.

Start your garden. Warmer weather means the return of bright colors and fragrant greenery. What better way to add curb appeal and a pop of color to your home than by planting your favorite flowers? If planting a garden doesn’t strike your fancy, simply purchase a beautiful bouquet and place it in a highly visible area of your home, such as the living room, on your bedroom nightstand or the kitchen table.

Add some color. By the time warmer weather rolls around, we crave a bit of brightness. Thanks to breakthroughs in technology from Pittsburgh Paints & Stains, Paramount super premium interior and exterior paint-and-primer-in-one products allow you to complete your paint job with just one vibrant coat that also provides excellent ultraviolet and weather resistance. With almost 900 colors available in the color palette, there’s never been a better time to freshen up your home and achieve a high-end look and lasting protection without breaking the bank.

There’s an incredible amount of satisfaction that comes from improving your house and getting the job done right the first time with top quality products. Learn more about Pittsburgh Paints & Stains Paramount products, available only at Menards, at pittsburghpaintsandstains.com.


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